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It is with great pride, enthusiasm, and anticipation that I invite you to read the inaugural issue of the Motherhood International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Development. Beginning with this issue, MIJMRD will move to a dynamic publication schedule.The journal has a strong emphasis on the research and innovations in interdisciplinary issues. An enormous amount of work has gone into the development of this journal and I believe you will see that effort reflected in this edition and in the impact it will have on the field. It has been an interesting journey, many aspects of which Ms. Manika Sharma & Mr. Dharmendra Bhardwaj, hon’ble Chaiperson and Chancellor respectively have shared in their messages.I am extremely proud of our board members and fortunate to be able to draw upon their individual and collective knowledge, talent, judgment, and disciplinary backgrounds to advance engagement scholarship worldwide. As you examine the board’s profile you will see a multiplicity of disciplines, experiences, and backgrounds. Without the guidance, support, and feedback of the board, it would have been impossible to offer the selections you will find in this issue.

MIJMRD will be innovative, providing a venue for scholarly works that report on the integration of teaching, service learning, outreach, community engagement, and research. Students and community partners will be an integral part of the journal, as they are in this first edition, a role that will expand as together we find imaginative ways to engage each other.

I must give special thanks to the respected Vice-Chancellor of Motherhood University, Prof. (Dr.) Narendra Sharma, who had the vision to embark on this project. His ability to draw together diverse talents and resources and his confidence that we could actually bring this journal to fruition is the mark of a true leader. His moral and spiritual vibes keep us enthusiastic and motivates to take up new initiatives.

With the launch of this online journal, we look forward to welcoming the submissions of new researches, creative ideas, reports of programmes and workshops organized, case studies and book reviews.

With best wishes,

Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Sharma
Editor-in- Chief