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Guidelines for Writing a Research Synopsis

A research synopsis is a detailed description of the proposed research. It is not the end product of your research, but simply the first step on the journey toward your research work. The synopsis suggests to the Research Degree Committee (RDC) that you have a keen interest in research and know what you plan to investigate and how. The emphasis of the research synopsis should also be on demonstrating the relevance and feasibility of your research. The research synopsis should comprise of the following components:

1. Title of Research Synopsis-
The Title for research synopsis should be selected carefully. It should be specific and worded to show the nature of work involved as far as possible

2. Introduction –
It should provide a brief description to introduce the area of the proposed research work. The General Introduction should be related to the necessity and utility of the proposed research work. Importance of the proposed research work should be highlighted.

3. Review of Literature -
The Second section should be related to the literature review including the recent development already carried out by various authors /Researchers in the related Field on which the Research Scholar(s) wanted to carry out his/her Research. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, one must refer to the previous researches done in the similar area. This helps in clarity of concepts, restricts duplication of research, and exposes gap between established knowledge and the present situation. The knowledge gained from reading these research articles and/or the books have to be mentioned in chronological order to put forth the stream of thought that has flowed regarding the chosen topic. 

4. Objectives, Scope and Limitations - 
Broad objectives as visualized to be achieved should be clearly outlined and these should be itemized. These objectives will indicate the major aspects of the study to be undertaken. In this section the scholar is supposed to give the objectives (number wise) of the Research work related to his/her proposed Ph.D. thesis. There may be so many dimensions to the research problem, but one may not have enough resources or time to study all dimensions. So, one list the objectives to, in fact, draw the boundary for the research work. She/he is also supposed to give the scope/limitations of their research work.

5. Pilot Study : Explain proposed Pilot Study to be undertaken for testing tools, techniques etc.

6. Research Methodology and Requirements of the Research Work - 
This section should be précised, focused and include the following 

• Theoretical frame work
• Sources of data 
• Sampling Design
• Statistical Tools (like histograms, pie-charts, correlation, regression, significance Test etc, if any)
• Planning and analysis of Data
• Time schedule for the various aspects of the proposed research work

7. References/Bibliography- 
All latest references/ Bibliography which are referred in the text of the manuscript should be given in chronological order.

• References must include the citations from review of literature.
• Bibliography must include the citations from journals, books, magazines etc. Both must follow APA Style or scientific/engineering methodology (e.g. JEEE method)

Note :
• Please use suitable numbering scheme in the synopsis, including references.
• Research Synopsis should be around 8-10 pages long.
• Cover /Title page of Research synopsis should be strictly as per the prescribed format of the university.
• Font of all headings & sub-headings should be 16 and 14 respectively in Times new roman & bold with line spacing 1.5.
• Font of main text should be 12 in Times new roman with following margin:
• Margin on the left of the paper is 1.25” & on the right of the paper is .75”.
• Margin on the top of the page & on the bottom of the page is 1”-1”.
• Line spacing should be 1.5 and complete synopsis must be justified.
• Research synopsis should be duly signed by Ph.D. supervisor and Research scholar with undertaking of authenticity in a prescribed Format.