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Refund & Withdrawal Policy


a) Amount paid for application form and prospectus is non-refundable in any circumstances whatsoever.

b) Admission fee and enrollment fee paid by the candidate at the time of admission will be non- refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.

c) If a student withdraws his/her admission before commencement of classes, fee will be refunded after deducting the non- refundable as mentioned above.

d) In case the admission is withdrawn after commencement of classes, the no fee will be refunded.

e) All applications for admission withdrawals will be submitted in prescribed format to the Registrar, who would duly acknowledge the receipt of such applications by recording the submission date.

f) If the applicant has knowingly or wilfully concealed or suppressed any information/ fact or found impersonating as applicant or found using any fraudulent means for getting the admission to the University, which renders him /her ineligible for the admission, the admission of such an applicant shall be cancelled at any stage or will be liable to disciplinary action(s) as decided by the University and/or as per the law of land. Such an applicant will not be entitled for the refund of any fee or any other compensation by the University.

g) If any of the students is found to be involved in activities resulting in direct or indirect loss/damage to the University property, the student may be required to pay the prescribed amount immediately on occurrence of such an incident or before appearing in the examination or otherwise as per the decision of the competent authority of the University.

h) A student, admitted to any of the academic programmes at Motherhood University, Roorkee by default, who in fact has been found ineligible or unfit later on, his/her admission shall be cancelled and such a student will not be entitled for the refund of fee or any other compensation by the University and shall have no claim against the University.

i) In case of non-payment of fee, the name of the student may be struck off from the rolls of the University. After the last date with fine, the student shall have to take re-admission after the approval of the competent authority. Re- admission charges shall be Rs. 5000/-.

j) Refund will be made only after the candidate has surrendered the original fee receipt, ID card (if already issued), clearance certificate and any other document/material as required by the University for such purpose.

k) Refund will be made through an account payee cheque only in the favour of the concerned candidate or directly be transferred in the bank account submitted by the student through electronic mode (ECS/RTGS/ NEFT). Therefore, student may ensure to provide correct bank details & the required enclosures. University will not be liable for any wrong transfer of amount on account of incorrect bank information provided by the student.


a) A candidate after depositing the fee (in part or full amount), if intend to withdraw his/her admission or does not join the University or does not deposit the balance amount of fee (if any) by the due date, shall be liable for the cancellation of his/her admission without any compensation by the University. The University shall be at liberty to fill his seat by offering to any other candidate and the fee and any other charges deposited with the University shall stand forfeited.

b) All candidates are required to submit all the documents like migration certificate, 10th pass certificate etc. within the stipulated time. In case the students fail to submit these documents by the due date, his/ her admission will be cancelled and the fee will be refunded except the non-refundable admission fee.

c) If any of the students is found to be involved in any anti disciplinary activities, he/she shall be expelled from the University and fine may also be imposed upon him/her.

d) Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within and outside the University premises. In compliance to the decision of Ho’ble Supreme Court of India, Anti-Ragging squad will be formed in the University and on its report the University will lodge the FIR against the students reported to be involved in ragging, admission of a student is liable to be cancelled .

e) Any student remaining absent for more than 10 days continuously without prior permission from the concerned Dean/HOD shall be deemed to have dropped out and his/her name will be struck off from the rolls of the University. 

f) If any of the students found to be involved in any criminal offence, He/she shall be expelled from the University immediately and his/her admission is liable to be cancelled immediately.

g) The admission of a student is liable to be cancelled at any time, on being found, ineligible or unfit for admission, or of using fraudulent means for securing admission or otherwise or if any of the statements made by him/her is found false or incorrect or otherwise and the University shall have the right to take such other disciplinary action and/or penalty, as decided by the competent authority of the University, against such a student as per the statutes and the rules & regulations of the University. In such case, the fee deposited by the student shall be forfeited and he/she shall also be liable to pay the pending fee for the remaining duration of the course and dues, penalty etc., if any.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules & regulations, Motherhood University, Roorkee possesses the right to modify these rules and regulations and/or insert/ delete provisions of these rules from time to time in future. 

Notwithstanding anything stated in this Admission policy, for any unforeseen issues arising, and not covered by the rules & regulations, or in the event of difference of interpretation, the decision of the Registrar and Vice-Chancellor shall be final.